We Have a Goal

Here at Shalom Education, we place the unique potential of every child at the heart of our mission. We believe that education should be as unique as the individual receiving it. Catering to students between the ages of 5 and 16, our goal is to unlock and cultivate each learner's inherent strengths and talents.

Our team of experienced tutors use a variety of teaching strategies to ensure that every child not only learns but thrives.

Your Child at the Heart of Our Mission

Shalom Education is an Ofsted-registered organisation that provides educational services to learners aged 5 to 16. We believe in the power of knowledge and actively seek to adapt learning to the talents of each individual.

Every child counts and has the potential to learn and achieve. To ensure that we always deliver the best value to learners, we recruit experienced tutors who have the skills, strategies, experience, and enthusiasm to make this happen.

Group 1501 (3)
Group 1502 (2)-min

Our Vision
and Approach

  • To deliver exceptional tutoring that improves grades and boosts confidence in learners

  • To ensure every tutor's well-being is valued and their passion for teaching encouraged

  • To create new ideas, strategies and skills, and make a positive difference to teaching environments

  • To foster flexibility in teaching and ensure that learners of all levels meet their goals

Safeguarding and Child
Protection Guidelines

At Shalom Education, safeguarding and protecting the children in our care is more than just a priority - it's our promise. We work hard to create an environment where young and vulnerable children can meet their educational goals, while ensuring their safety.

To keep our promise, we are very careful about who we hire. We vet all our tutors and employees, making sure they are perfectly suited to help our students. Our recruitment process always includes the following pre-employment checks:

Group 1503 (2)

Verifying the eligibility and qualifications of each applicant

Group 1504 (2)

Thoroughly checking all certificates and qualifications

Group 1505 (1)

Obtaining credible references to confirm the applicant's suitability for the job.

Group 1506 (1)

Conducting detailed interviews, whether face-to-face or virtual

Group 1507

Assessing medical declarations and background

Group 1508

Carrying out thorough DBS checks

Group 1502 (3)-min

Children and Young People

As children and young people are paramount to everything we do, we have effective procedures in place to keep them safe from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Our team works together to ensure that all safeguarding policies and procedures are followed at all times.