Mitosis and the Cell Cycle Flashcards

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What happens during the G1 Phase of the cell cycle?

Every sub-cellular structure (organelle) within the cell is doubled, except for chromosomes.

What is the S Phase in the cell cycle?

The DNA replicates to form two copies of each chromosome.

What is checked during the G2 Phase?

Chromosomes are checked for errors to ensure no errors are passed down to daughter cells.

What is the final stage of the cell cycle called?


What is mitosis?

Mitosis is a type of cell division that produces two identical diploid daughter cells.

Why does mitosis occur?

Mitosis occurs for growth, repair of damaged tissues, replacement of cells, and asexual reproduction in some organisms.

What happens during metaphase in mitosis?

Chromosomes and their copies line up in the middle of the cell.

What happens during anaphase in mitosis?

Chromosomes and their copies are pulled to different ends of the cell.

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