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What is deforestation and why is it done?

Deforestation is the large-scale cutting down of trees for farming, biofuels and logging.

What is the difference between sustainable and unsustainable deforestation?

Sustainable deforestation involves replanting trees, whereas unsustainable deforestation cuts trees faster than they can regenerate.

How does deforestation increase wildfires?

Removing forests reduces moisture and shade, creating dry, combustible material that increases the likelihood of wildfires.

What impact does deforestation have on biodiversity?

It destroys habitats, leading to the extinction of species that cannot adapt to the altered environment.

How does deforestation contribute to global warming?

Trees absorb carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Cutting them down increases CO2 levels in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

How does deforestation affect the water cycle and increase droughts?

Trees regulate the water cycle through transpiration. Removing them disrupts the cycle, reducing rainfall and causing water shortages and droughts.

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