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What is food security?

Food security is the state of having a reliable supply of food that can feed a whole population, measuring the quantity, quality, and accessibility of food.

Why is food security important in urban areas?

With more people moving to cities and fewer growing their own food, ensuring a reliable supply of food has become important.

How does an increasing population threaten food security?

As the population grows, the available supply of food may not keep pace, leading to challenges in ensuring everyone has enough to eat.

How do changing diets in developed countries impact food security?

Changing diets increase the demand for diverse foods, often imported from developing countries, putting pressure on their food sources and reducing food security.

What role do pests and pathogens play in food security?

Pests and pathogens threaten farms by damaging or destroying crops and livestock, leading to food shortages.

What are some solutions to improve food security?

Scientists and researchers are working on sustainable and efficient ways to produce food to meet the demands of growing populations and address food shortages.

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