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Note: We may include questions that have multiple correct answers. It’s useful to remember specific examples to understand these concepts better.

What is health?

Health is the complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and it falls on a spectrum with varying degrees of healthiness.

What factors affect an individual’s health?

Exercise, sleep, balanced diet, access to healthcare and stress levels all affect health.

What are communicable diseases?

Communicable diseases are caused by pathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites) and can be passed from one person to another.

Examples include the common cold and chickenpox.

What are non-communicable diseases?

Non-communicable diseases are not caused by pathogens and cannot be spread between people. They tend to be long-lasting.

Examples include asthma, coronary heart disease and diabetes.

How can different types of diseases interact with each other?

Diseases can interact, leading to compounded health issues.

For example, a weakened immune system increases the risk of infections, and mental illness can lead to physical health problems and poor lifestyle choices.

How can mental illness affect physical health?

Mental illness can weaken the immune system, lead to poor lifestyle choices like neglecting sleep and hygiene, and increase susceptibility to other diseases.

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