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What are monoclonal antibodies?

Monoclonal antibodies are identical antibodies produced from the same immune cell that can bind to only one specific protein antigen.

How are monoclonal antibodies used in pregnancy tests?

They bind to the hormone hCG in the urine of pregnant women, causing a colour change to indicate a positive result.

How are monoclonal antibodies used in research and disease detection?

They measure hormone levels or chemicals in the blood, diagnose infections, and can be bound to a fluorescent dye for identifying specific molecules.

How do monoclonal antibodies assist in cancer treatment?

They bind to antigens on cancer cells, helping identify tumours and can carry cancer drugs or encourage the immune system to attack cancerous cells.

What are some disadvantages of using monoclonal antibodies?

Difficult to attach to drugs, can cause complications in humans, expensive to develop, and raise ethical concerns due to the use of mice.

Why do animal-rights activists oppose the use of monoclonal antibodies?

Because it involves the extraction of spleen cells from mice, raising ethical concerns about animal use.

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