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What are tropisms in plants?

Tropisms are responses that direct plant growth towards or away from environmental stimuli such as light and gravity. This ensures they grow towards sources of light and water.

What is phototropism?

Phototropism is the growth response of a plant to light.

Shoots show positive phototropism by growing towards light, while roots show negative phototropism by growing away from light.

What is gravitropism (or geotropism)?

Gravitropism is the growth response of a plant to gravity.

Shoots exhibit negative gravitropism by growing upwards, against gravity, while roots show positive gravitropism by growing downwards, towards gravity.

What role do auxins play in plant growth?

Auxins are plant hormones produced in shoot and root tips that regulate growth by stimulating cell elongation in shoots and inhibiting (stopping) cell elongation in roots.

How do auxins affect phototropism in plants?

In phototropism, auxins accumulate on the shaded side of the shoot, causing cells to elongate more on that side. This uneven growth makes the shoot bend towards the light.

How do auxins influence gravitropism in roots?

In gravitropism, auxins accumulate on the lower side of a horizontally growing root, stopping cell elongation there.

The upper side grows faster, causing the root to bend downwards, demonstrating positive gravitropism.

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