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What are three plant hormones used in agriculture and horticulture to promote growth?

Auxins, Gibberellins and Ethene.

What are the main functions of auxins in plant growth?

Auxins help plants grow by stimulating plant cells to elongate. They are used as weed killers, rooting powders, and in tissue culture.

How do auxins function as selective weed killers?

Auxins in high concentrations disrupt the growth of broad-leaved weeds, causing them to grow too rapidly and die, without affecting crops.

What are the three main uses of gibberellins in plant growth?

Gibberellins are used for initiating seed germination, growing larger fruit, and inducing flowering.

How does ethene help in the food industry?

Ethene stimulates the ripening of fruit by activating an enzyme. This allows fruit to be picked unripe and ripened before sale, reducing damage and wastage during transport.

How do rooting powders containing auxins help in plant cloning?

Rooting powders encourage cuttings from desirable plants to produce roots, allowing them to grow into new plants with the same characteristics.

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