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What is the title of the book Charles Darwin published in 1859, and what is its significance?

On the Origin of Species, which introduced his theory of evolution by natural selection.

What is the title of the book Charles Darwin published in 1859, and what is its significance?

• Variation exists within a species.

• Individuals best suited to the environment are more likely to survive and reproduce.

• These advantageous traits become more common in the population over generations.

What were some problems and challenges Darwin’s theory of evolution faced?

• It challenged creationism.

• Darwin lacked sufficient evidence at the time.

• The mechanisms of genetic inheritance and variation were not understood until 50 years later.

Who was Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and what was his theory of evolution?

A French scientist who proposed the Theory of Acquired Characteristics, suggesting that traits developed during an organism’s life could be passed to offspring.

Why is Lamarck’s theory of acquired characteristics considered incorrect today?

Most changes that occur in an organism’s lifetime, like a bodybuilder’s muscles, are not passed on to their offspring.

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