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Note: We may include questions that have multiple correct answers. It’s useful to remember specific examples to understand these concepts better.

What are the two main ways extinction can happen?

Extinction can happen naturally or due to human activity.

What are some causes of extinction?

Causes of extinction include a single catastrophic event, new predators, disease and climate change.

How can a single catastrophic event lead to extinction?

Catastrophic events like a meteorite collision or volcanic eruption can change the climate or environment, making it impossible for species to survive.

Why might new predators cause a species to go extinct?

New predators can make a species more vulnerable as they may not have time to develop defence mechanisms, or the new predators may out-compete native ones.

How does climate change contribute to extinction?

Climate change, influenced by human activity such as burning fossil fuels, can raise global temperatures and destroy habitats, making it difficult for species to survive.

What led to the extinction of the dodo?

The dodo went extinct due to hunting, disease, habitat loss, and the introduction of new predators like dogs.

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