Risks and Benefits of Genetic Engineering Flashcards

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What is one benefit of genetic engineering compared to selective breeding?

Genetic engineering is a much faster and more efficient method of producing organisms with desired characteristics.

How can genetic engineering help in reducing the spread of disease in plants?

Plants can be genetically modified to produce toxins that deter insects, which can reduce the spread of disease.

What is a benefit of genetically modified crops in terms of environmental impact?

Introducing herbicide resistance in crops reduces the amount of herbicides used, leading to better weed control and less environmental harm.

What is a potential risk of genetic engineering related to affordability?

Large companies that produce GM seeds can charge more, making them less affordable for smaller farms and farmers in developing countries.

How might genetic engineering affect natural ecosystems?

If genes from genetically modified crops transfer to wild crops through pollination, wild crops may become herbicide-resistant, potentially upsetting natural ecosystems.

What is an ethical concern associated with genetic engineering?

Many people believe genetic engineering disrupts the natural progress of life on Earth.

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