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What is variation in a species?

Variation refers to the differences between individuals of the same species.

What are the three causes of variation in a species?

Genetic causes, environmental causes, and a combination of genetic and environmental causes.

How do genetic causes contribute to variation?

We inherit alleles from our parents, which control many aspects of our phenotype, such as skin colour, eye colour hair colour, and blood group.

How can environmental causes lead to variation?

Environmental factors like sunlight, water, nutrition, accidents, exercise, and living in a particular country can cause variation.

For example, optimal growth conditions for a plant can result in it being green and healthy, while poor conditions can slow its growth.

Give an example of variation caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Height is influenced by both genetics and the environment. People with alleles for tallness may not reach their full potential if they have a poor diet.

Can muscle strength be influenced by genetic and environmental factors?

Yes, muscle strength can increase with exercise (an environmental factor), but genetic factors may also play a role in an individual’s ability to build muscle.

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