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What are the four main factors that affect the rate of transpiration?

Temperature, light intensity, air movement and relative humidity.

How does increasing temperature affect the rate of transpiration?

It increases the rate of transpiration by causing more water molecules to evaporate from the mesophyll, increasing the rate of diffusion of water from the leaf.

What happens to the rate of transpiration when light intensity increases?

The rate of transpiration increases because the stomata open wider for increased gas exchange, allowing more water to be lost through transpiration.

How does increased air movement affect transpiration?

Increased air movement, such as wind, removes water vapour from around the leaf, increasing the rate of transpiration.

What is the effect of higher relative humidity on the rate of transpiration?

Higher relative humidity decreases the rate of transpiration because the diffusion of water vapour out of the leaf slows down due to a lower concentration gradient.

Why do roots absorb more water when the rate of transpiration increases?

Because an increase in transpiration causes more water to evaporate from the leaves, the roots absorb more water from the soil to replace the lost water.

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