Chapter 5-10 Summaries of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Flashcards

What does Mr Utterson discover about Dr Jekyll’s will that concerns him?

Dr Jekyll’s will states that in the case of his death or disappearance, all his wealth should go to Mr Hyde.

What happens when Mr Utterson and Poole break into Jekyll’s laboratory in Chapter 8?

They find Mr Hyde’s body, dead by apparent suicide, wearing Dr Jekyll’s clothes, with no sign of Dr Jekyll.

What shocking revelation does Dr Lanyon witness in Chapter 9?

Dr Lanyon witnesses Mr Hyde transform into Dr Jekyll after drinking a special potion, revealing their dual identity.

How does Dr Jekyll initially feel about becoming Mr Hyde?

Dr Jekyll enjoys the freedom of indulging in his darker impulses without compromising his social standing.

Why does Dr Jekyll’s transformation into Mr Hyde become uncontrollable?

The transformations start occurring more frequently and without the use of the potion, showing Jekyll’s diminishing control over Hyde.

What is Dr Jekyll’s ultimate fate as described in Chapter 10?

Dr Jekyll fears he will permanently become Mr Hyde as his potion becomes ineffective, marking the tragic end of Henry Jekyll.

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