Character Analysis of Frankenstein Flashcards

Who is the protagonist of ‘Frankenstein’ and what is his goal?

Victor Frankenstein is the protagonist. He is a scientist who aims to create life, driven by a “fervent longing to penetrate the secrets of nature.”

How is Frankenstein’s monster described upon creation?

The creature has aesthetically pleasing features like “lustrous hair” and “teeth of a pearly whiteness,” but also monstrous elements like “yellow skin” and “straight black lips,” symbolising decay and death.

What motivates the creature’s turn to violence?

The creature experiences rejection and isolation, leading to loneliness and desperation for companionship. His rhetorical questions to Victor highlight his suffering and justify his actions.

What is Elizabeth Lavenza’s role in Victor’s life?

Elizabeth is Victor’s adopted sister and later his fiancée. She represents beauty, grace and stability, contrasting with Victor’s turbulent life.

Her tragic death highlights the consequences of Victor’s actions.

How does Robert Walton’s ambition differ from Victor’s?

Walton’s ambition is responsible and regulated, as he decides to halt his dangerous journey for his crew’s safety. This contrasts with Victor’s unruly and selfish pursuit of creating life.

What does the character Justine Moritz symbolise in the novel?

Justine symbolises the injustice faced by individuals due to quick societal judgments. She is wrongfully accused of a crime and executed, highlighting the consequences of Victor’s creation and societal prejudice.

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