Character Analysis of Pride and Prejudice Flashcards

What character traits define Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice?

Elizabeth Bennet is intelligent, witty, and honest. She earns respect due to her articulate conversations and the way she challenges prejudice. She is presented as a strong female character capable of self-reflection.

How does Mr Darcy change throughout the novel?

Mr Darcy starts as proud and aloof but becomes more humble and likeable. His devotion to Elizabeth grows, and he rescues the Bennet family from disgrace. He ultimately pursues Elizabeth despite societal pressures.

How does Mr Bennet contrast with Mrs Bennet?

Mr Bennet is witty and sarcastic, often detached from his family’s foolishness, while Mrs Bennet is obsessed with finding wealthy suitors for her daughters. Mr Bennet’s relaxed attitude contrasts with Mrs Bennet’s frantic pursuit of marriage for her daughters.

What is the significance of Charlotte Lucas’s perspective on marriage?

Charlotte Lucas views marriage pragmatically, believing it is better for women to show more affection than they feel to secure financial security. Her perspective highlights the societal pressures unmarried women faced in the 19th century.

How is Mr Wickham portrayed in the novel?

Mr Wickham is initially charming and described as “gentlemanlike,” but he is revealed to be deceitful and wasteful. His true nature is exposed by Mr Darcy in a letter to Elizabeth.

What role does Lady Catherine de Bourgh play in Pride and Prejudice?

Lady Catherine de Bourgh symbolises the power and prejudice of high society. She is critical of those she deems inferior and tries to prevent Elizabeth from marrying Mr Darcy, highlighting the social barriers of the Regency era.

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