Character Analysis of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Flashcards

What does Dr Jekyll’s character represent in ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’?

Dr Jekyll represents the human struggle with temptation and curiosity. He is a kind and mild scientist who creates a potion to transform into Mr Hyde.

How is Mr Hyde described in the novella?

Mr Hyde is described as a monstrous “creature” with animalistic instincts, abnormal essence, and a violent, primal nature, using terms like “ape-like fury” and “savage.”

What role does Mr Utterson play in the novella?

Mr Utterson is the narrator, a lawyer, and a loyal friend to Dr Jekyll.

He represents the search for truth but fails to follow his suspicions about Jekyll, highlighting the flaws of gentlemanly society.

How does Dr Lanyon’s view of science contrast with Dr Jekyll’s?

Dr Lanyon focuses on logical, materialistic science and is dismissive of Jekyll’s mystical pursuits. He believes Jekyll’s work is “wrong in mind” and calls it “scientific balderdash.”

What significance does Sir Danvers Carew’s character hold?

Sir Danvers Carew’s brutal murder by Hyde highlights Hyde’s violent capabilities and creates tension in the novella, causing readers to fear Hyde’s increasing ferocity.

How does Mr Enfield contribute to the plot?

Mr Enfield sparks Utterson’s interest in Mr Hyde through gossip and storytelling, despite having no personal interest in uncovering Hyde’s identity.

What does Poole’s character represent?

Poole represents loyalty and the class structure, serving Dr Jekyll for twenty years. He is protective of his master and helps Utterson investigate Jekyll’s strange behaviour.

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