Great Expectations Character Analysis Flashcards

How does Pip’s character change throughout ‘Great Expectations’?

Pip transforms from a young, impressionable orphan to an entitled and ambitious gentleman, and finally becomes self-aware.

What role does Miss Havisham play in Pip’s life?

Miss Havisham is an eccentric, wealthy woman who manipulates Pip and uses Estella to break his heart.

How is Estella portrayed in ‘Great Expectations’?

Estella is adopted by Miss Havisham and raised to show contempt towards men. She is cold and hardened, warning Pip that she has “no softness, no sympathy.”

How does Joe Gargery contrast with other characters in the novel?

Joe is a kind and loyal blacksmith who acts as a father figure to Pip. He represents moral integrity and hard work, contrasting with Pip’s later lavish lifestyle and the manipulative wealthy characters.

How does Pip’s perception of Magwitch change?

Initially, Pip feels dread and repugnance towards Magwitch. However, he eventually sees Magwitch’s humanity and feels sympathy for him, reflecting Pip’s growth and changing values.

What does Biddy represent in Pip’s journey?

Biddy represents genuine care and kindness, contrasting with Estella. She helps Pip on his journey to self-realisation, symbolising the value of true affection and moral support.

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