Summaries of Chapters 1-6 of The Sign of Four Flashcards

Who is the client seeking Sherlock Holmes’ help in Chapter 1 of The Sign of the Four?

Miss Mary Morstan, who seeks help with a mysterious case involving her missing father and annual gifts of valuable pearls.

What mystery does Miss Morstan present to Holmes and Watson in Chapter 2?

Miss Morstan’s father disappeared ten years ago, and she has since received valuable pearls annually. She also received a letter inviting her to a meeting, promising justice but warning not to involve the police.

What significant discovery is made in Chapter 3 related to Major Sholto?

Holmes discovers that Major Sholto, a friend of Miss Morstan’s father, died six years ago and that his death and the yearly gifts to Miss Morstan are linked to a larger mystery involving her father.

What information does Thaddeus Sholto reveal in Chapter 4?

Thaddeus Sholto reveals that he and his brother Bartholomew discovered a treasure linked to their father and Captain Morstan, and that their father felt guilty for keeping the treasure from Miss Morstan.

What shocking discovery is made at Pondicherry Lodge in Chapter 5?

Holmes, Watson, and Miss Morstan find Bartholomew Sholto dead in his room, with a twisted smile on his face, indicating murder. An unusual weapon and a note with “The sign of the four” are found beside him.

How does Holmes deduce the method of the intruder’s entry in Chapter 6?

Holmes deduces that a wooden-legged man entered and left through a hole in the roof using a rope. He finds footprints and a rope marked with blood, indicating the intruder’s presence.

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