Summaries of Chapters 7-12 of The Sign of Four Flashcards

What is Dr Watson’s concern in Chapter 7?

Dr Watson is worried that if he expresses his feelings for Miss Morstan, it might seem like he’s interested in her potential wealth from the Agra treasure, rather than genuinely caring for her.

Who is revealed as a key figure in the case in Chapter 7?

Sherlock Holmes uncovers clues pointing to Jonathan Small, a wooden-legged man, as a key figure in the mystery.

What setback do Holmes and Watson face in Chapter 8?

They discover that the suspects they are chasing have taken a boat, complicating their pursuit.

What does Holmes disguise himself as in Chapter 9, and why?

Holmes disguises himself as an old man to gather information firsthand and avoid recognition while tracking the culprits.

What significant event happens in Chapter 10?

Holmes, Watson, and Inspector Athelney Jones chase and capture the criminals on the Aurora boat, recovering a large chest believed to be linked to the case.

What important revelation does Watson share with Miss Morstan in Chapter 11?

Watson reveals the treasure box to Miss Morstan, only to find it empty. He then confesses his love for her, and she reciprocates his feelings.

How does Jonathan Small’s confession impact the case in Chapter 12?

Jonathan Small confesses the entire story behind the treasure, revealing the betrayal by Major Sholto and his subsequent actions, which help Holmes and Watson understand the full context of the mystery.

How does Sherlock Holmes feel about Watson’s engagement in Chapter 12?

Holmes feels somewhat disheartened by Watson’s engagement, fearing it may end their investigative partnership.

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