Summary of Pride and Prejudice Flashcards

Who is Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice?

Elizabeth Bennet is the novel’s protagonist. She is intelligent, witty, and has a sharp tongue. Elizabeth initially holds a strong prejudice against Mr Darcy.

What is Mr Darcy’s initial impression in the novel?

Mr Darcy initially appears arrogant and looks down on the society of Hertfordshire. He describes Elizabeth as only “tolerable” and not handsome enough to tempt him.

How does Elizabeth’s view of Mr Darcy change throughout the novel?

Elizabeth’s view of Mr Darcy changes after she receives a letter from him explaining his actions and realises she has misjudged him. She eventually falls in love with him.

What event causes Elizabeth to challenge her prejudice against Mr Darcy?

Elizabeth challenges her prejudice against Mr Darcy after reading his letter, which explains his interference in Jane and Bingley’s relationship and his past with Mr Wickham.

Describe the relationship between Jane Bennet and Mr Bingley.

Jane Bennet and Mr Bingley have a mutual attraction and affection for each other. Despite obstacles, they eventually marry and have a happy relationship.

What role does Lady Catherine de Bourgh play in Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship?

Lady Catherine de Bourgh attempts to dissuade Elizabeth from accepting Darcy’s proposal, but her interference ultimately strengthens Elizabeth’s resolve and leads to Darcy’s second proposal.

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