Themes in A Christmas Carol Flashcards

What does the Gothic and ghostly theme in ‘A Christmas Carol’ signify?

The Gothic and ghostly elements, such as Marley’s ghost and the dark, foggy settings, create a haunting atmosphere that emphasises the moral lessons and transformation of Scrooge.

How does ‘A Christmas Carol’ address morality?

The novella highlights a moral transformation as Scrooge changes from a selfish, miserly man to a generous, caring individual. This reflects Dickens’ message about social responsibility and the impact of one’s actions on others.

What does the theme of isolation depict in ‘A Christmas Carol’?

Scrooge’s isolation, described as “solitary as an oyster,” contrasts with the warmth and togetherness of the Cratchit family, illustrating the negative effects of greed and selfishness.

How is social responsibility portrayed in ‘A Christmas Carol’?

Social responsibility is highlighted through characters like Fred and the charity workers, who emphasise the importance of helping the poor. Scrooge initially rejects this, but his transformation shows the value of generosity.

How does Dickens use the Cratchit family to convey his themes?

The Cratchit family represents love, humanity and resilience despite their poverty. Their warmth and gratitude contrast with Scrooge’s initial coldness, highlighting the importance of family and kindness.

What role does family and tradition play in ‘A Christmas Carol’?

Family and tradition are central themes, shown through the Cratchits’ Christmas celebrations and Fred’s persistent invitations to Scrooge.

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