Themes in Frankenstein Flashcards

How does the theme of friendship manifest in ‘Frankenstein’?

The theme of friendship is shown through the layered narrative, starting with Walton’s letters and moving to Victor and the creature.

• Walton’s letters present the story as being told through a ‘friend’.

• Victor’s deep loneliness and desire for a friend lead him to create life.

What does Victor fail to provide for his creation?

Victor fails to nurture and care for the monster, leading to its isolation and violent behaviour.

What are Victor and Walton obsessed with?

Both characters are obsessed with gaining knowledge—Victor with creating life, and Walton with exploring the North Pole. This pursuit leads to their alienation and downfall.

How does the novel ‘Frankenstein’ address the theme of prejudice?

The monster is judged based on his appearance and repeatedly rejected by society, which drives him to destructive behaviour.

What question does the monster pose that relates to the nature vs nurture debate?

The monster asks, “Am I to be thought the only criminal, when all human kind sinned against me?” highlighting the impact of society’s rejection on his actions.

How does ‘Frankenstein’ incorporate religious imagery and nature?

The novel uses religious allusion and personification of nature to explore themes of human ambition versus natural limits. Victor’s attempt to surpass nature’s laws ends in tragedy.

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