Themes in Great Expectations Flashcards

How do role models influence Pip in ‘Great Expectations’?

Characters like Joe Gargery and Magwitch represent good role models for Pip, showing kindness and loyalty.

Miss Havisham, on the other hand, manipulates Pip and Estella for her own revenge. Estella also influences Pip’s ambition to climb the social ladder.

How is the theme of danger and crime presented in ‘Great Expectations’?

Abel Magwitch represents criminality but also shows a dual nature, from frightening convict to fatherly figure. Dickens challenges the justice system and explores how poverty leads to crime.

Jaggers, the lawyer, is also connected to this theme through his honest approach to legal success.

How does ‘Great Expectations’ critique social class?

Pip’s social ascension, funded by Magwitch, highlights the superficiality of wealth and status.

Dickens suggests that morality and hard work are more important than wealth, as shown through Joe Gargery’s character who values genuine relationships over money.

What role does ambition play in ‘Great Expectations’?

Pip’s ambition to become a gentleman leads to loneliness and disillusionment.

Miss Havisham’s ambition causes emotional destruction, manipulating Estella and Pip.

Characters like Mr Pocket and Drummle show how ambition for higher status can lead to moral compromise.

How is the theme of education and growing up explored in ‘Great Expectations’?

Pip starts with little formal education, gaining knowledge only with financial progression. Biddy helps his early development.

By the end, Pip realises that his rush for materialism and status only led to self-deception and hurt, learning to humble himself.

What does Pip realise about wealth and happiness by the end of ‘Great Expectations’?

Pip learns that his pursuit of wealth and status brought loneliness and hurt. He reflects that true contentment comes from genuine relationships and moral integrity, rather than material success.

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