Understanding Frankenstein Flashcards

Who is the protagonist of ‘Frankenstein’?

Victor Frankenstein is the protagonist. He is a scientist who creates a life form in his laboratory and later regrets his actions.

How does the creature in ‘Frankenstein’ develop intellectually?

The creature learns about fire, observes human interactions from a cottage, and discovers Victor’s notes, becoming fluent and educated over time.

Who is Robert Walton in ‘Frankenstein’?

Robert Walton is a ship captain who rescues Victor Frankenstein in the Arctic and narrates the story through letters to his sister, framing the novel’s narrative.

How does Victor Frankenstein react upon creating the creature?

Victor is horrified by the creature’s appearance and spends the next day pacing around in distress. He becomes ill from the trauma of his actions.

What request does the creature make of Victor?

The creature demands that Victor create a female companion for him, saying it is his right to have someone to share his life with.

What is the outcome of Victor’s pursuit of the creature?

Victor pursues the creature to the Arctic, where he is found by Walton. Despite his determination, Victor remains on the brink of death, unable to complete his mission.

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