Understanding Great Expectations Flashcards

Who is the protagonist of ‘Great Expectations’?

Pip (Philip Pirrip) is the protagonist and narrator of Great Expectations. He is an orphan raised by his sister and her blacksmith husband, Joe Gargery.

What transformation does Pip undergo in ‘Great Expectations’?

Pip transforms from a poor orphan into a gentleman with the help of a secret benefactor. Throughout the novel, he learns the importance of love, morality and humility.

Who is Estella Havisham?

Estella Havisham is Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter. She is raised to break men’s hearts as revenge for Miss Havisham’s own past betrayal. Pip becomes infatuated with her.

What role does Joe Gargery play in Pip’s life?

Joe Gargery is Pip’s kind-hearted brother-in-law and father figure. He represents moral integrity and humility, remaining loyal and forgiving towards Pip despite Pip’s changing attitudes.

How does Pip learn about his true benefactor?

Pip learns that his true benefactor is Abel Magwitch, an escaped convict he helped as a child. This revelation changes his perception of his own “great expectations.”

What themes are explored in ‘Great Expectations’?

Great Expectations explores themes such as social class, ambition, personal growth, and the importance of love and moral values.

Dickens highlights the complexities of Victorian society through Pip’s journey.

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