Understanding Jane Eyre Flashcards

What type of novel is ‘Jane Eyre’?

‘Jane Eyre’ is a Bildungsroman novel, following Jane from childhood to adulthood.

Who is Jane’s employer and love interest at Thornfield Hall?

Mr Rochester is Jane’s employer and later becomes her love interest.

What significant event occurs on Jane and Rochester’s wedding day?

It is revealed that Mr Rochester is already married to Bertha Mason, who is kept locked in the attic.

How does Jane find St John Rivers?

Jane flees Thornfield, nearly dies on the Yorkshire moors, and is taken in by St John Rivers and his sisters.

Why does Jane refuse St John Rivers’ marriage proposal?

Jane refuses St John Rivers’ proposal because she longs for true love, not a marriage of convenience.

How does the novel ‘Jane Eyre’ end?

Jane returns to find Thornfield in ruins, reunites with a now-blind Rochester, and they marry.

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