Understanding Pride and Prejudice Flashcards

What are the central themes of Pride and Prejudice?

The novel explores themes of ‘pride’ (an excessively high opinion of oneself) and ‘prejudice’ (judgmental beliefs not based on reason), while characters navigate family, society and status.

What is the genre of Pride and Prejudice and how is it reflected in the novel?

It is a novel of manners and a romance. It depicts the customs and etiquettes of 19th-century society and centres on the love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, overcoming obstacles to be together.

How does the narrator in Pride and Prejudice influence the reader’s perspective?

The third-person omniscient narrator comments on characters and events, shaping the reader’s opinions.

For example, Mr. Bennet is described with a mix of quick wit, sarcastic humour and unpredictability.

Describe the tone of Pride and Prejudice.

The novel is written in a witty and humorous tone, evident in the dialogue and the portrayal of characters like Mr Collins, who is shown to be foolish and ignorant.

Where do most events in Pride and Prejudice take place?

The novel’s events move across Hertfordshire, Derbyshire, Kent, Sussex and London, primarily taking place within homes and estates like Longbourn, Netherfield Park, Lucas Lodge and Pemberley.

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