Act 1 Summary of Blood Brothers Flashcards

Who are the main characters in Blood Brothers?

The main characters are Mrs Johnstone, Mickey, Edward (Eddie), Mrs Lyons, Mr Lyons, Linda, Sammy, The Narrator, and The Policeman.

What is the premise of Blood Brothers?

Blood Brothers follows twin boys, Mickey and Edward, separated at birth and raised in different social classes. Despite this, they become friends, but their differing backgrounds lead to tragic consequences.

How does Mrs Johnstone’s financial struggle influence the plot in Act 1?

Mrs Johnstone’s financial struggles lead her to give one of her twins to the wealthy Mrs Lyons, believing it will provide him a better life. This decision sets the stage for the unfolding drama between the two families.

What is the significance of Mickey and Edward’s first meeting?

Mickey and Edward’s first meeting highlights their instant bond despite their different backgrounds. They become “blood brothers,” symbolising their deep connection and foreshadowing the play’s themes of nature versus nurture.

How does the theme of superstition play a role in Act 1 of Blood Brothers?

Superstition plays a role when Mrs Lyons manipulates Mrs Johnstone by claiming that if the twins learn they are brothers, they will both die. This fear keeps the truth hidden and adds tension to the story.

What events lead to the Lyons family deciding to move to the countryside?

The Lyons decide to move after Mrs Lyons becomes increasingly paranoid and frantic about Edward’s friendship with Mickey. Mr Lyons agrees to the move after a policeman warns about Mickey’s behaviour and suggests relocating might help.

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