Character Analysis of Julius Caesar Flashcards

What is Julius Caesar’s tragic flaw?

Caesar’s tragic flaw is his arrogance and overconfidence, believing he is invincible despite multiple warnings about his impending murder.

How does Brutus justify his involvement in Caesar’s assassination?

Brutus justifies his involvement by believing he is acting in the best interest of Rome, fearing that Caesar’s rule could lead to tyranny and the end of the republic.

What role does Cassius play in the conspiracy against Caesar?

Cassius is the main instigator of the conspiracy. He manipulates Brutus and other senators, driven by envy and a desire for power, to join the plot to assassinate Caesar.

How does Mark Antony turn the public against the conspirators?

Mark Antony turns the public against the conspirators by delivering a powerful funeral speech for Caesar, revealing Caesar’s will and portraying him as a selfless leader who cared for Rome.

What is the significance of Portia’s character in the play?

Portia is Brutus’s wife, representing loyalty and emotional intelligence. Despite her strength, she succumbs to anxiety and despair, ultimately committing suicide due to the unfolding events.

How does Calpurnia try to protect Caesar, and what is his response?

Calpurnia tries to protect Caesar by warning him of her dream predicting his death and begging him to stay home. Initially, he agrees, but is later persuaded to go to the Senate meeting, leading to his murder.

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