Character Analysis of Romeo and Juliet Flashcards

What are the main traits of Romeo’s character in “Romeo and Juliet”?

Romeo is romantic, impulsive and intense. His love for Juliet transforms him from a lovesick teenager into a passionate lover, willing to challenge fate for her.

How does Juliet’s character change throughout the play?

Juliet transforms from an obedient, naive girl into a strong, determined woman who defies societal norms and her family to be with Romeo, ultimately sacrificing her life for love.

What role does Friar Lawrence play in “Romeo and Juliet”?

Friar Lawrence acts as a mentor and confidant to Romeo and Juliet, secretly marrying them in hopes of ending the family feud, but his schemes contribute to the tragic ending.

How does Mercutio’s character differ from Romeo’s?

Mercutio is witty, humorous, and sceptical of love and fate, offering a realistic perspective. His death marks the play’s shift from comedy to tragedy.

What role does the Nurse play in Juliet’s life?

The Nurse is a trusted friend and maternal figure to Juliet, providing emotional support and helping to arrange her secret marriage to Romeo, although her misguided advice leads to tragedy.

How does Tybalt’s character contribute to the tragedy in “Romeo and Juliet”?

Tybalt is hot-tempered and loyal to the Capulet family, embodying the feud’s violence. His desire for revenge against Romeo escalates the conflict, leading to multiple deaths.

What is Benvolio’s role in the play?

Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin, is a peacekeeper who tries to calm conflicts and promote harmony, contrasting with Tybalt’s aggression and highlighting the possibility of reconciliation.

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