Character Analysis of The Tempest Flashcards

How does Prospero use his magical powers on the island?

Prospero uses his magic to control and manipulate events on the island, provoke fear in Caliban and Ariel, and ultimately bring his enemies to justice. He later forgives them, gives up his magic, and frees Ariel.

What is Caliban’s relationship with Prospero and the island?

Caliban resents Prospero for taking control of the island, which he believes is rightfully his. Despite his savagery and hatred for Prospero, he shows a deep love for the island’s beauty.

Describe Miranda’s character in The Tempest.

Miranda is empathetic, innocent, and strong-willed. She quickly falls in love with Ferdinand and is determined to marry him. She shows compassion towards the shipwrecked men and argues fiercely with Caliban.

What role does Ariel play in Prospero’s plans?

Ariel is a spirit who faithfully serves Prospero, causing disruptions and informing him of plots. Ariel also persuades Prospero to forgive his enemies and give up his magic, eventually gaining freedom.

How does Alonso’s character develop in the play?

Alonso, the King of Naples, initially conspires against Prospero but later shows remorse for his actions. His grief over losing his son and his willingness to accept his mistakes contribute to the play’s theme of reconciliation.

What is Antonio’s role in The Tempest?

Antonio is Prospero’s ambitious younger brother who betrays him to become Duke of Milan. He conspires with Sebastian to kill Alonso but shows no remorse for his actions, even when Prospero forgives him.

How does Ferdinand prove his worth to Prospero?

Ferdinand, Alonso’s son, falls in love with Miranda and dutifully performs laborious tasks to prove his character. His honesty and dedication earn Prospero’s blessing for their marriage.

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