Language and Structure in Julius Caesar Flashcards

What are the main genres that Shakespeare’s plays can be classified into?

Shakespeare’s plays can be classified into three categories: Comedy, Tragedy and History.

How does ‘Julius Caesar’ fit into the genre of a historical tragedy?

‘Julius Caesar’ is based on real historical events and includes features of a tragedy, such as a tragic hero (Brutus), tragic villains (Cassius), supernatural elements, violence, and a relieving ending.

What are some features of a Shakespearean history play present in ‘Julius Caesar’?

The play examines the causes of conflict, explores personal motivations, shows civil unrest being brought under control, and adds fictional elements to historical events.

Describe the structure of ‘Julius Caesar.’

‘Julius Caesar’ follows a five-act structure:

• Introduction to characters and setting.
• Rising action with the conspiracy against Caesar.
• Climax with Caesar’s assassination.
• Falling action with preparation for war.
• Resolution with the battle at Philippi and the deaths of Brutus and Cassius.

What rhetorical devices does Antony use in his funeral speech?

Antony uses metaphors (“lend me your ears”), rhetorical questions (“Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?”), and anaphora (“But Brutus says he was ambitious; And Brutus is an honourable man”) to persuade the crowd against the conspirators.

How does Shakespeare use dramatic irony in ‘Julius Caesar’?

The audience knows about the plot to kill Caesar and Antony’s intentions at the funeral, while Caesar and Brutus remain unaware. This creates tension and anticipation for the audience.

What is the significance of verse and prose in ‘Julius Caesar’?

Most of the play is written in verse, indicating high-status characters and serious situations.

Prose is used for lower-status characters or informal, humorous speech, such as the commoners celebrating Caesar’s victory and Brutus’s speech to appear humble.

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