Themes, Motifs and Symbols in Julius Caesar Flashcards

What are the central themes in ‘Julius Caesar’?

The central themes in Julius Caesar are power, ambition, manipulation, loyalty and betrayal.

How does the theme of power and ambition manifest in Julius Caesar?

Caesar’s ambition and political power create fear among senators. Brutus worries Caesar may become king and abuse power, while Cassius envies Caesar’s influence.
Caesar’s possible ambition to be king contributes to his death.

How is manipulation used in ‘Julius Caesar’?

Cassius manipulates Brutus to join the conspiracy against Caesar by exploiting his love for Rome.
Antony manipulates the crowd against the conspirators using persuasive rhetoric at Caesar’s funeral.

How are loyalty and betrayal depicted in ‘Julius Caesar’?

Brutus is loyal to Rome but betrays Caesar, believing it necessary for the republic.
Antony remains loyal to Caesar, seeking vengeance against the conspirators and turning the crowd against them.

What are some key symbols and motifs in ‘Julius Caesar’?

Key symbols and motifs include omens (warning Caesar of his fate), letters (manipulating Brutus and warning Caesar), and Caesar’s body (symbolising Rome and inciting rebellion).

How do omens play a role in ‘Julius Caesar’?

Omens, like the soothsayer’s warning and Calpurnia’s dream, foreshadow Caesar’s death. Despite these warnings, Caesar dismisses them, leading to his murder.

How does Caesar’s body function as a symbol in the play?

Caesar’s body symbolises Rome’s turmoil. Antony uses it to incite the citizens against the conspirators, highlighting the tragedy and chaos following Caesar’s death.

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