Understanding Julius Caesar Flashcards

What event sets the stage for the conflict in ‘Julius Caesar’?

Julius Caesar’s victory over Pompey and the celebration of his triumph sets the stage for the conflict, as it fuels the fear of his growing power among some senators.

Why do Cassius and Brutus conspire against Caesar?

Cassius and Brutus conspire against Caesar because they fear his growing power and potential to become a dictator, believing it is in the best interest of Rome to stop him.

What is significant about Caesar’s last words, “Et tu, Brute?”

Caesar’s last words, “Et tu, Brute?” express his shock and sense of betrayal upon seeing his close friend Brutus among the assassins.

How does Mark Antony sway the public after Caesar’s assassination?

Mark Antony sways the public by delivering a passionate speech at Caesar’s funeral, revealing Caesar’s will, which leaves his wealth and land to the citizens. This portrays Caesar as a selfless leader and turns the crowd against the conspirators.

What role does the concept of honour play in ‘Julius Caesar’?

Honour plays a central role in the motivations and actions of the characters, particularly Brutus, who justifies his participation in the assassination as an honourable act for the good of Rome, and Antony, who honours Brutus after his death for his intentions.

What is the outcome of the Battle of Philippi?

The Battle of Philippi ends in defeat for Brutus and Cassius, who both commit suicide.

Antony and Octavius emerge victorious and honour Brutus with a proper burial, acknowledging his noble intentions.

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