Understanding Romeo and Juliet Flashcards

What triggers the tragic events in Romeo and Juliet?

The long-standing feud between the Montagues and Capulets, combined with Romeo and Juliet’s secret marriage, triggers the series of tragic events.

How does Romeo react to Juliet’s ‘death’ in Act 5?

Believing Juliet is truly dead, Romeo buys poison, returns to Verona, kills Paris, and then takes the poison himself.

What theme is explored through Romeo and Juliet’s secret marriage?

The theme of youthful impulsiveness is explored, as they quickly decide to marry in secret, hoping their union will end the feud between their families.

How do the deaths of Romeo and Juliet impact their families?

Their deaths reconcile the feuding families, as symbolised by Lord Capulet extending a hand to Montague, marking an end to their conflict.

What role does fate play in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?

Fate plays an important role, as the miscommunication about Juliet’s fake death leads to the untimely deaths of the young lovers, fulfilling the idea of ‘star-crossed lovers.’

How does Juliet avoid marrying Paris in Act 4?

Juliet fakes her own death with a potion given by Friar Laurence, which puts her in a death-like state, hoping to reunite with Romeo.

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