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What is a climate graph?

A climate graph combines bar and line graphs to show the climate of a specific country or region, with bars representing precipitation and a line graph representing temperature.

How does a climate graph help us understand climate?

It allows us to see the relationship between temperature and rainfall, helping us draw conclusions about the climate of a country or region.

What does the bar graph represent in a climate graph?

In a climate graph, the bar graph represents the precipitation levels for each month.

What does the line graph represent in a climate graph?

The line graph represents the average temperature for each month.

What anomalies were identified in the UK’s 2014 climate graph?

In August, there was a sharp increase in precipitation despite high temperatures.

In September, there was a dramatic decrease in precipitation while temperatures remained relatively high.

What was the general trend in the UK’s 2014 climate data?

The general trend was decreasing precipitation as temperatures rose, with notable anomalies in August and September.

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