Case Study: Balancing Land Use in Scotland Flashcards

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What economic opportunity does water management provide in Scotland’s glaciated areas?

Dams in Scotland’s mountain valleys facilitate hydroelectric power generation, offering sustainable and clean energy.

What is a major benefit and a challenge of forestry in Scotland’s glaciated regions?

Forestry provides job opportunities and boosts the local economy, but indiscriminate logging can disrupt habitats and reduce biodiversity.

How does quarrying affect Scotland’s glaciated areas both positively and negatively?

Quarrying creates job opportunities and contributes to the local economy but causes noise pollution, increased traffic, dust, and can ruin the natural beauty of tourist sites.

What are the benefits of tourism in Scotland’s glaciated areas?

Tourism offers employment and generates income for local communities through recreational activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Why is there a debate about dam construction in Scotland’s glaciated areas?

Although dams provide sustainable energy, they can alter natural landscapes and lead to the loss of land and habitats, sparking debates about environmental preservation.

What conflicts arise from increased tourism in Scotland’s glaciated areas?

Increased tourism leads to debates about land use, with some advocating for wildlife conservation and others supporting recreational development for economic benefits.

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