Case Study: Flood Management in Boscastle, Cornwall Flashcards

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What event highlighted the need for effective flood management in Boscastle?

In August 2004, Boscastle experienced a devastating flash flood due to an intense downpour.

How was the river channel modified in Boscastle to reduce flood risk?

The river channel was widened and deepened to increase its capacity, allowing it to hold a larger volume of water during heavy rainfall.

Why were narrow bridges replaced with wider ones in Boscastle?

Narrow bridges were replaced with wider ones to prevent blockages from vegetation and debris, facilitating smoother water flow and reducing flood risks.

What changes were made to the car park in Boscastle to reduce flood impact?

The car park was elevated and surfaced with permeable materials to allow water infiltration, decreasing surface runoff and preventing water accumulation.

How did tree management contribute to flood prevention in Boscastle?

Dead trees were removed to prevent blockages, and landowners were encouraged to maintain existing vegetation and plant new trees to stabilise the soil and absorb excess water.

What are hard engineering strategies in flood management?

Hard engineering strategies involve constructing physical structures like widening river channels, replacing narrow bridges, and elevating car parks to control and manage the flow of rivers.

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