Coastal Processes: Mass Movement Flashcards

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What is mass movement?

Mass movement is the downhill movement of material, influenced by gravity, and it plays a significant role in shaping coastlines.

What are the four types of mass movement?

The four types of mass movement are fall, slide, flow and slump.

How does rockfall occur?

Rockfall occurs when pieces of rock fall away from the cliff face due to weathering, such as freeze-thaw, or extreme events like earthquakes and heavy rain.

What is a mudflow?

Mudflow is a type of flow where soil becomes saturated with water and flows down a slope, carrying rocks and vegetation with it.

What happens during a landslide?

During a landslide, material moves as a whole block down a slope, remaining intact until it reaches the bottom, which can be rapid and dangerous.

What is a slump?

A slump, or rotational slip, occurs when weaker rocks become saturated and heavy, sliding down the slope in one mass, leaving behind a curved, scooped-out surface.

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