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What is transportation in the context of coastal processes?

Transportation is the process of the ocean moving material, which can be introduced by erosion, rivers and destructive waves.

What are the four methods by which material is moved in the sea?

The four methods are traction, saltation, suspension and solution.

How does traction work in transportation?

Traction involves larger, heavier materials such as pebbles being dragged along the sea floor.

What is Longshore Drift and how does it operate?

Longshore Drift is the process by which material is moved along the coastline in a zigzag pattern due to the angle of wave approach and the action of swash and backwash.

How does the swash and backwash affect Longshore Drift?

The swash carries material up the beach at an angle, while the backwash flows back to the sea naturally, causing material to move in a zigzag pattern along the coast.

What factors influence the intensity and direction of Longshore Drift?

Factors include the type of shoreline, wave energy, wind direction and human interventions.

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