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How do glaciers transport material?

Glaciers transport material through freeze-thaw weathering, plucking rocks as they move downhill, and bulldozing debris in front of them.

These processes move large pieces of rock and debris to different areas.

What is freeze-thaw weathering?

Freeze-thaw weathering is when water enters cracks in rocks, freezes and expands, causing the rock to break apart. These broken pieces can fall onto a glacier and be transported.

What is a terminal moraine?

A terminal moraine is a mound or ridge of debris that marks the farthest point a glacier reaches. It typically has a crescent shape and is found at the end of a valley or basin.

What is a lateral moraine?

A lateral moraine is an elongated mound of debris that forms along the sides of a glacier. It runs parallel to the glacier and is created by the accumulation of rocks and dirt gathered along the glacier’s edges.

What is a medial moraine?

A medial moraine is a dark stripe or line of debris that forms when two glaciers merge. The debris from the edges of the two glaciers comes together in the middle of the new, larger glacier.

What is a ground moraine?

A ground moraine is the layer of debris and sediment left behind by a retreating glacier. It creates a mostly flat or gently hilly surface as the ice melts and deposits material over the land it once covered.

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