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What factors shape the UK climate and cause extreme weather events?

The UK climate is shaped by continentality, the North Atlantic Drift, and varying air masses.

Extreme weather events are usually caused by depressions (wet and windy weather) and anticyclones (stable, hot, or cold weather).

What are the impacts of heavy rain and windstorms in the UK?

Heavy rain causes flooding, property damage and transportation disruptions.

Windstorms can damage properties, uproot trees, and cause general disruptions, especially in coastal and upland areas

How do heatwaves and thunderstorms affect the UK?

Heatwaves cause health issues, pollution build-up, transportation disruptions, and economic stress.

Thunderstorms bring heavy rain, lightning, strong winds, property damage, fire risks, and potential fatalities.

What responses are implemented for extreme weather in the UK?

Responses include forecasting and warning systems, emergency preparedness, resilient infrastructure, flood management, public awareness and education, emergency response and recovery, community support, and climate change mitigation.

What was the ‘Beast from the East’ in 2018?

The ‘Beast from the East’ was a significant weather event where cold air from Russia engulfed Europe, causing school closures, fatalities, transport disruptions, economic losses and environmental damage.

How did the UK respond to the ‘Beast from the East’ in 2018?

They issued travel warnings, reduced gas usage, provided shelters for the homeless, cleared roads, deployed armed forces for rescue, and encouraged community support initiatives.

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