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What are natural hazards?

Natural hazards are events caused by environmental processes that can harm the environment, people or the economy.

What are tectonic hazards? Give examples.

Tectonic hazards are hazards associated with the movement and interaction of the Earth’s tectonic plates, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

Define geomorphological hazards and provide examples.

Geomorphological hazards are caused by natural processes shaping the Earth’s surface, like floods and landslides.

What are atmospheric hazards? Give examples.

Atmospheric hazards are related to weather and atmospheric conditions, such as tropical storms, droughts and tornadoes.

What factors affect hazard risk?

Factors affecting hazard risk include population size, urbanisation, frequency and magnitude of events, level of development, prediction ability, and human activities.

What are biological hazards? Provide examples.

Biological hazards involve living organisms and ecological systems, such as pests and diseases.

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