Case Studies: Different Approaches to Resource Management Flashcards

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Note: We may include questions that have multiple correct answers. It’s useful to remember specific examples to understand these concepts better.

What is food security?

The state of having reliable access to sufficient, affordable and nutritious food.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of urban farming in Cape Town’s townships?

Advantages: Improved health due to more accessible nutritious food, reduced food miles, and increased income for unemployed residents.

Disadvantages: Use of domestic wastewater can spread diseases, lack of training leading to overuse of chemicals, and does not fully solve hunger.

What is the impact of Kilombero Plantations Limited (KPL) in Tanzania?

Advantages: Produces 3.5 million tons of fruit and vegetables annually, boosts local and national economy, and provides employment.

Disadvantages: Generates plastic waste, consumes more water than rainfall provides, and reports of underpaid workers and lack of job security.

What is a water transfer scheme and an example in the UK?

A water transfer scheme transfers water from an area of surplus to an area of deficit.

An example is the Kielder reservoir in Northumberland, which supplies water to cities in the northeast of England.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the Kielder reservoir?

Benefits: Generates hydroelectric power, reduces water insecurity, and boosts tourism.

Drawbacks: Disrupts fish breeding patterns, caused relocation of people, and led to flooding of Plashetts village.

What does the term ‘rain shadow’ mean?

An area receiving reduced rainfall due to being sheltered from prevailing rain-bearing winds by a range of hills.

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