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What is Ray Valley Solar Park?

Ray Valley Solar Park is a 19.5 GWh solar farm in Arncott, Oxfordshire, established in 2022 by Low Carbon Hub.

It generates enough electricity to power 6,000 homes and is the largest community-owned solar park in the UK.

How was Ray Valley Solar Park funded?

The park was funded by the Low Carbon Hub’s community energy fund, a loan from Triodos Bank and Oxford City Council, and some grant funding through Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire).

What are the benefits of Ray Valley Solar Park for the local community?

The project is expected to contribute approximately £13 million back to the community through energy savings and other benefits over its lifetime, liberating £2.6 million previously spent on energy.

What is Rampion Wind Farm and where is it located?

Rampion Wind Farm is an offshore wind farm off the Sussex coast, completed in 2018. It spans 72 km2 and generates 400 megawatts of energy, enough to power half of the homes in Sussex.

What are the advantages of Rampion Wind Farm?

The wind farm helps reduce carbon emissions, creates permanent local jobs, boosts the local economy, and serves as an educational tool promoting climate change awareness.

What are some disadvantages of Rampion Wind Farm?

The wind farm increased boat traffic leading to water pollution, poses risks to migratory birds, and some locals believe the turbines spoil the coastal aesthetic.

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