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Why has the demand for food in the UK been changing and increasing?

Due to population growth, increased consumption, diverse cuisines, and higher demand for organic produce.

What percentage of food did the UK import in 2020, and why?

The UK imported about 46% of its food due to demand for a variety of foods not grown in the UK, year-round availability, and cheaper prices from other countries.

What are the environmental impacts of the UK importing over half of its food?

Increased food miles and a larger carbon footprint due to transporting food from other countries.

What is organic produce?

Food grown without artificial pesticides and harmful chemicals, using natural predators to control pests, benefiting the environment, and produced without antibiotics and growth hormones.

What are agribusinesses and how do they operate?

Farms operated like large industrial businesses that increase farm sizes, use more mechanisation, pesticides, and genetically modified crops to increase efficiency and yields.

What are the key differences between organic produce and agribusiness products?

Organic produce is more costly, time-consuming, and produces lower yields but is environmentally friendly.

Agribusiness products are cheaper, increase crop yields but are detrimental to the environment and local economies.

What are food miles?

The distance a food item travels from the producer to the consumer.

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