Changes in Rural Landscape through Economic Activity: Case Studies Flashcards

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What are the key social effects of economic development in South Cambridgeshire?

Increased traffic due to car reliance, loss of rural aesthetic, reduced local spending by commuters, and modern developments breaking down community spirit.

How does economic development affect the economy in South Cambridgeshire?

High rent prices drive young people away, high petrol prices due to demand, pressure on local services from increased migration, and farmers selling land to developers.

What are the social effects of population decline in the Outer Hebrides?

Falling number of school children leading to school closures, smaller working-age population, and an ageing population with fewer young people to provide care.

Describe the economic impacts of decline in the Outer Hebrides.

Insufficient government subsidies for businesses, dominance of foreign-owned ships in fishing, and tourism infrastructure failing to support increased visitors.

What social challenges does Tibenham, Norfolk face due to economic decline?

Working-age population moving away, only one primary school with few pupils, high average resident age, and 37% of the population having less than 5 GCSEs.

How has economic development impacted Elmbridge, Surrey?

High average income, increased local spending, very high house prices, demand for school places, and high costs pushing out less affluent residents.

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