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What is the UK government’s 10-point plan for a greener economy?

Announced in 2020, the plan aims to make Britain more sustainable, costing £12 billion and targeting zero climate change contribution by 2050.

It includes increasing wind energy, hydrogen production, electric cars, improving public transport, and more.

How does the 10-point plan aim to change energy production in the UK?

The plan includes quadrupling offshore wind energy by 2030, developing low-carbon hydrogen production, and producing clean nuclear energy with advanced reactors.

What are some strategies in the 10-point plan for greener transportation?

The plan supports the transition to electric cars by backing manufacturers, installing charging points, providing grants, improving batteries, and making public transport and cycling more accessible.

What is the goal of the London Sustainable Industries Park (London SIP)?

Built on a former brownfield site, London SIP aims to host businesses focusing on sustainable practices like recycling and biofuel development. Companies share resources and ideas to enhance sustainability.

Define “brownfield site.”

A brownfield site is previously developed urban land that is currently unused.

What does “sustainable” mean in the context of industry?

Sustainable practices are those that can be maintained long-term without depleting resources or harming the environment.

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