Factors Influencing Global Development Flashcards

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What impact can natural resources have on a country’s development?

Countries with abundant natural resources can benefit greatly if these materials are sold for a good price and the money is used to develop the country.
However, if resources are controlled by corrupt groups, chances for development can be squandered.

How do political factors affect a country’s development?

Political factors like national and international wars can prioritise defence over social needs like education and healthcare.

Corruption at every level can misuse funds or direct them towards projects that don’t aid development.

What historical factors can influence a country’s development?

Countries colonised in the past often struggle with development due to exploitation by colonisers.

Post-colonial wars and power struggles have also drained resources and skewed demographics.

How do environmental factors affect a country’s development?

Environmental issues like pollution, desertification and flooding can divert finances from development to problem management, impacting a country’s development.

How do economic factors influence development?

Poverty slows development as there is less money for infrastructure, education and healthcare.

Countries producing manufactured goods make more money, and better technology improves efficiency and income.

What role do social factors play in a country’s development?

Better education and healthcare are crucial for development. Inequality and a lack of government stability and anti-corruption policies can hinder growth. A large young working population also boosts development.

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